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Our mission is to revolutionize the performance marketing space by bridging the gap between purpose-driven products and money-driven lead generation websites.

We aim to address an all too common online trend - the inverse relationship between product quality and distribution volume.

Vital Intel’s lead generation products guide users through a customized discovery process that taps into their unique lifestyle and demographic situation. Utilizing principles of behavioral economics, we build intuitive products and ask unique questions to quickly uncover a users desires and intentions.

Our purpose is to deliver products, services and content that enrich lives. We are living in a time where our cultural habits have not caught up to the vast richness of capabilities available to us.

Vital Intel aims to find and promote those resources for the evolution of humanity and sustainability of our planet.

Our company was founded by online entrepreneurs, Eric Neuner and Michael DiMaio, childhood friends and co-founders of a leading digital marketing agency Spire Vision, which is now Zeta Interative, a big data-driven marketing and CRM company.

Under their leadership, the company generated over $80 million in sales and raised $70 million in funding.

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that
makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller

What We Do


Vital Intel acquires high-intent consumers for leading brands by curating compelling content for our proprietary websites, blogs, search and email.

What We Do

Vital Intel’s websites guide users through a customized discovery process that taps into their unique lifestyle and demographic situation. Utilizing principles of behavioral economics, we build intuitive products and ask unique questions to quickly uncover a users desires and intentions.

The Problem We See

Advertisers are spending their media dollars inefficiently, buying the same users over and over, and oftentimes, reaching people who are not relevant.

The Question We Asked

“How can we add more integrity to what exists?”

Vital Intel delivers value-add advertising where it’s always a win-win for the brand and the consumer.
∙ Consumers get matched to relevant opportunities.
∙ Advertisers reach their target consumers who say yes to their value proposition.

Why We Are Different

We differentiate ourselves by playing in untapped markets and competing in areas that information marketers have been unable or unwilling to compete.

We also create curated funnels based on customer profiles that make consumers more invested in the content they receive.

Thought Leadership

Sometimes awareness is the only thing we really need to change everything.

There are some incredible resources out there, and we intend to efficiently bring them to all types of people. Our goal is to share really great resources (and amazing people) with a mainstream audience.

How We Do It

True ROI Optimization

◦ We are not interested in working with clients who say that our job stops at producing the lead. We know that not all leads are created equal.

◦ The most common problem we come across is campaigns managed with a lack of transparency into which placements are producing higher quality leads.

◦ We have much more success working with sophisticated clients who can provide us systematic feedback and metrics important to their success.

◦ These allow us to optimize on a placement level against media ROI.

◦ We are a certified Marin Software agency to help maximize the efficiency of this process.


◦ In a stark contrast to other agencies, we never hide our work. We’d rather show it off. Once you see how much work is going into your campaigns, we’re confident you’ll be impressed by the effort and the results.

◦ We pride ourselves on our 24/7 schedule, responsiveness & transparency.

◦ We will be your dedicated account management team and will always be reachable. There are no handoffs to junior team members.

◦ We also provide comprehensive reporting on a daily and weekly basis, along with ad hoc reports and analysis as needed.

◦ You will always have access to your accounts and full transparency into our campaigns and process.

The Work Flow

We ask our consumers smarter questions and implement targeted marketing programs based on the data we collect. As a result, we build smarter lead generation websites that drive higher quality customers.

We find the best ways to promote you, your services, and mission within our markets.

Together, we come up with a step-by-step strategy to build trust, authority, and add value to our consumer community.
A blueprint of success is created.

We also carefully craft metrics and benchmarks to evaluate campaigns and refine marketing materials for an even more successful collaboration.

Consumer enters demographic information to receive access to content (name, address, age, gender, etc.) and hits “Register Now”

Based on previous answers, additional campaign-specific questions can be asked

Depending on the consumer’s behavioral answers, targeted campaigns can be delivered to them in real-time

Our Target Audience


Better Understanding Your Business

We own and operate websites that appeal to moms, and speak to their needs and desires.

FetchDeals.com focuses on providing consumers with the latest shopping deals, free coupons and samples.

TodaysApple.com provides parenting, lifestyle, health and wellness tips for busy women, the first site in a series of premium content sites geared towards improving different aspects of daily life.

Mommy Blog Network is a female-focused national network of 1,500+ family-friendly blogs, reaching over 22MM monthly consumers.

Vital Intel New York City

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Marianne Williamson

Our Core Beliefs

Our Beliefs on Entrepreneurship

1. Everything that Matters is Between People.
2. Know and Leverage Your Resources.
3. Think Big and Play Big.
4. There is More Opportunity in the Unknown Than in the Known.
5. Measure Everything and Know the Numbers.

Our Beliefs on Business

1. Make time to connect by phone and in person. At the end of the day, we are all human and want to be seen beyond our digital selves.
2. Hold a higher intention for everyone you work with. Intention matters a lot.
3. Never send negative emails. If something needs to be addressed, it should be said over the phone or in person.
4. Never bring up a problem without having at least 1 next step towards a potential solution.
5. Look for the easiest, fastest path to cash (even if you’re not going to move in that direction).
6. Seek out opportunities to contribute.
7. In regards to communication, everything is on the table. That said, all communication should aim to be solutions-minded and upbeat whenever possible.

Connecting Brands with their Target Audience on a Performance Basis


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